New Beginnings

Well I’ll be damned, I’ve got my own blog. I have to admit I’ve wanted to do this for a while and today, while catching up on some other blogs, I decided to do so. Before this I guess I just let the excuses pile up and well, living my life and keeping my sanity took front seat. But now here I sit – baby in bed, dishes done, feet up, and a package of raisin butter tarts by my side.

So what exactly do I plan to write about? Hmm, well in short (because I plan on getting some sleep before my little ones’ 3am feeding) modern day motherhood, eco-friendly topics, DIYs, my creative endeavours, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, my goals, experiences and maybe a few product reviews. Basically whatever crosses my mind and/or sparks interest and intrigue.

For now though it is time for this momma to get some rest. Good night and take care.



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