Technology Detox

Do you ever feel like you know exactly what’s happening in everyones’ lives (via social media) but still feel more disconnected than ever? Yeah me too.

I just don’t understand how in a world where it’s so easy to be ‘connected,’ we go days or months without speaking to friends. We sift through pictures of family events, the birth of a child, parties, vacations, birthdays, and endless selfies and somehow we feel as if we’re keeping in touch by clicking the ‘like’ button on Facebook.

Our perception of our own lives is often clouded by what we see of someone elses’ through media, but keep in mind that what you see is often the best of it. No one is going to post photos of their negative account balance or the messy state that their house is in. It’s often said that the grass is always greener on the other side and I have to agree, visually sure it is! But it’s not always the case. (And often it’s not.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I (like many others) am in need of a detox from this virtual environment. Not only do I find it toxic, but it’s just downright time-consuming. I will be the first to complain there aren’t enough hours in the day yet there I sit, spending my free moments on my phone or computer clicking away through Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and other blogs. What a friggin’ waste of time! Sure I find cool patterns for sewing or I talk to other moms on my cloth diaper network, but let’s be honest…majority of this time is spent basically doing nothing. Useless gawking at a screen when I could be doing something more productive like cleaning, reading an actual book, sewing, baking, etc. The saddest part of it is that I realize this but continue to do so day in and day out.

So this is where I’m going to draw the line and challenge myself to detox and get back in touch with the real world. I’ve decided I’m going to make a list of things I want to do this fall/winter and actually DO them. So here I go, this is part of my list:

– Sew the following: Dress for myself, dress for Aurora, stuffed toys, crib set, and a few things for Christmas gifts.
– Make a habit of going for a morning walk (until it gets bitterly cold/the snow gets deep)
– Do yoga daily, or at least every other day.
– Take Aurora for a sleigh ride.
– Go around and see all the pumpkin people.
– Read books. Yes multiple! Haha.
– Go to a concert in the city with the hubby.
– Bake more.
– Go to more social events (ie. yoga, farmers markets, baby groups, basically anything to get me out of the house and meeting new people.)
– Hand make my Christmas gifts.
– Spend more quality time with the hubby.
– Set up a garbage station with bins for recycling/garbage/cardboard. (Instead of just a garbage bin and the rest in bags on the floor.)
– Make soups/stews from local in season veggies to freeze for easy dinners.

Those are just a few but you get the idea. It’s so easy to just sit back and let your thumbs do all the work but I promise you that getting more hands on will be MUCH more rewarding. You don’t have to give up your guilty internet pleasure completely but why not try to cut back and kick it old school? πŸ™‚ You might just have fun and actually get connected.


A blog and movie you may enjoy that are similar to this topic:Β – Such a great article on todays generation and partially what triggered this post of mine.Β – I plan on watching this πŸ™‚ It came highly recommended.




One thought on “Technology Detox

  1. – Set up a garbage station with bins for recycling/garbage/cardboard. (Instead of just a garbage bin and the rest in bags on the floor.)

    I have been wanting to do the same thing!! My kitchen is big enough now that i have room for them. Im sick of dealing with loose bags of then too πŸ˜›


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