5 Important Self Reminders for my 2015

> Less technology time.
It wastes your time, distracts you from more important things, and is a bad influence to A (My little girl). I don’t want her seeing me with my face in a phone – not cool. Cut that shit out.

> Meal Planning.
Don’t plan out every damn detail, but have a list of meals so that you know what to buy and you waste less. Don’t be lazy, make healthy food! (Big/double batches are great time savers.)

> Yoga. Daily.
Seriously. Quit making excuses and just do it. Involve A and do mommy and toddler yoga (she loves it so that’s a bonus), go to classes, or do it at night instead of screen time. Just do it.

> Find time to destress every day.
Find ways to unwind because stress is not a pleasant or productive thing. Epsom salt bath, running, yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, etc. Enrich your life with things you love.

> Quit the unrealistic expectations.
Both of yourself and of others/experiences. If you expect nothing then everything will be a bonus and you’ll spend a lot less time feeling unnecessary disappointment.


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