I am so done with moving

Taking a break to relax and draw

I’ll start this post with a big ol’ sigh! Holy, I forgot how much work it is to move. Luckily we moved right next door to a bigger place so it was easier than it could have been I’m sure. Thank goodness for coloring breaks with Aurora, made things a bit less stressful.

Tonight I finished up cleaning the old apartment and man I can tell you my hands are tender. I really need a day/night of TLC for this body of mine, and soon. Bring on the bath salts and lotions!

I’ve been meaning to get to my blog more frequently however when I have that thought it is immediately cut short by a diaper change, a trip into town, organizing the new apartment, or a toddler meltdown (for fun reasons like the garbage man is taking the garbage away – how dare he!) So needless to say my posts have gone unwritten and Simplify Your Crunch neglected.

I have a few great posts coming up though and I’m hoping to get myself on a writing schedule so that weeks don’t go by without a post. Here’s to holding myself accountable and getting shit done.



Posts To Come:

Toddler Activities

   Toddler Activities


Kitchen Organization


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