Simplify Your Crunch

It’s the idea that started this blog. Making my life simple while exploring ways to live a healthier more eco-friendly life.

Well, it ran away with me like many things I dive feet first into.

Simplify your cunchy life

It’s largely my own fault for being so damn ambitious  (I’m a dreamer and something of an optimist) and partially at fault is this big ol’ world of technology, the internet. A place where you can surf endlessly for how-to’s and DIY ideas. Anything you want, there’s a post (or a million posts) on just that. Kombucha? There are thousands of recipes. Backyard chickens? Learn all you need to know with a few clicks. Want to live off grid? There’s blog posts for that!

In an attempt to simplify I overcrowded my life with lists and stressed myself out. So I’ve decided to pick a few things to concentrate on and go from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Hopefully this is a good starting place for you as well. Here’s what I came up with:

1) Nourishing my body with good food. There are 7 billion people on the planet (give or take a few) and most have an opinion on what foods are best and what should be avoided. Here’s the most common one: Veggies are good for you. Furthermore local food is best for a number of reasons. What I’ve gotten from all the articles, blog posts, documentaries, and doctors I’ve read and listened to is that the majority of your daily food intake should consist of fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, and protein. Preparation of food is equally as important as quality and the way the food is eaten (ie. On the run vs. Sitting down to a meal). That all being said, my goal is to buy local when possible, prepare my own meals and snacks, and stop eating on the go. This is my number one because let’s face it, food is the single most important thing in your life. You literally are what you eat, so eat well.

2) Exercise. Sometimes I hate it and most of the time I love it. So why does it seem like it’s so damn hard to make time for it? Excuses no more! If you do one thing for yourself a day (excluding eating well) it should be exercise in some form or another. Yoga, running, lifting weights, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, skating, biking, dancing, there are endless ways to fit exercise into the day. I’m going to make a list of ideas and put it on our family activity wall so that I can hold myself responsible. I don’t want to not exercise simply because I can’t think of what to do. (Post to come on the exercise board I’m going to make.) Whether or not you have kids, check out this post in the meantime to get some great ideas.

3) Bullet Journaling. I’m not really sure how I only recently stumbled upon 98e66f48bbff20969f1a313764b69cd1this idea but it’s brilliant! I’m a planner and I have a little OCD in regards to organization so this works with my chaotic brain to ensure I don’t forget
things or overwhelm myself.
I’m a Pisces so I like to dream and this allows me to be creative while holding myself accountable and staying on track with my goals.

4) Self Care. If you’re a mom you know all too well that it’s hard to find time for yourself. That’s not to say that if you aren’t a mom you don’t have the same problem but personally I’ve found that since becoming a parent it’s gotten much worse. It sank in when I realized that my #1 priority is my children being taken care of, and who takes care of them most of the time? Me. I’ve been left feeling burnt out at the end of the day and it’s not only me who’s suffering. If I’m not taking care of me then my kids (and hubby) are not getting the best possible version of me. That doesn’t fly with me. Of course nutrition and exercise are ways we take care of ourselves but I need something above and beyond this, so I’m going to reference this list when I need to take a moment for myself.


Hopefully some of what you’ve read will resonate with you and you’ll begin to live the life you want. What good is all that cleaning, planning, and pinning if what you’re doing it for is being pushed to the side?

“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all”  – Laura Ingalls Wilder


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