About Me


First of all thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy what you read. My name is Vanessa and 13933163_10153760208497113_803691261_n.jpgI’m an East Coast mom with an addiction to finding ways (and things) to simplify my life. Sometimes my need to simplify runs away with me, but I remain on my journey to find balance.

I’m passionate about learning new things, health, fitness, growing food, and I always enjoy a good DIY project.

Life as a working mom and farmer’s wife is a continuous juggling act. (One that I’ve gotten particularly good at if I don’t say so myself.) In all the chaos I’ve gone through a lot of changes. My values, goals, and views of the world around me have shifted significantly. In place of driving fast and staying out late, I lean more towards sustainable living, homesteading, and raising ‘free range’ children. Some days are full of laughter and some are full of more choice words and apologies for being ‘grumpy mommy’. This blog is a way for me talk about my experiences and the things I learn along the way. I hope to find common ground with others and help create an open forum for honest living.

Now to remember to write it all down instead of just narrating in my head….



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